a tribute to michael jackson

>> Wednesday, July 08, 2009

michael jackson is very inspiring to me, that's why I make this cake specially to him. I really miss his wonderful performance and talent.

I believe that all of the world will always be remembered you as the king of pop. good bye michael jackson, may Allah SWT forgive you and give the very best place for you.

you are not alone, michael.....


nuri. (cilegon),  2:08 PM  

ternyata kita sama-sama sedih buat MJ. he's colouring our youth. salut buat mbak peny yg mengexpresikannya lewat kue... thumbs up , mbak!!

Anonymous,  4:03 PM  

I love n miss him 2. Keren banget kreasimu mbak. 2 thumbs up!

nazura,  1:58 PM  

Hi Peni, i went thro many cakes blogs but so far u the only one who took d effort to bake a very special cake for MJ...plus his music lagi...so touching!! nice, nice...May he rest in peace... from: Nazura, M'sia

peni respati 9:31 AM  

hai all, thanks so much,
salam sesama penggemar MJ....

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