chrysant cupcakes with butterfly

>> Monday, July 20, 2009


ZarpandiT 1:41 AM  

you are muslim? i am muslim :) from Turkey! :)

everything perfect !

if only we are to neighbour :((((

Shanty 5:29 PM  

mbak peni, gimana tuh caranya bikin bunga crisant, pake spuit apa.....bagus banget deh....pengen nyontoh boleh kan.....



peni respati 7:33 AM  

hai zarpandiT, yes i'm moslem. i think we are neighborhood now, in blogger :)

nice to know you!

peni respati 7:34 AM  

mbak shanty, saya pakai spuit no. 103. boleh dong dicontoh, selamat mencoba yaa...


dessy indriani 6:17 PM  

lutu bgt..izin contoh ya?
klo pake spuit wilton 104 bisa gak ya..? abis gak punya spuit 103.. or klo pake spuitnya TSF ada gak ya yg spt spuit 103??
tfs..,  10:57 AM  

Mba Peni, salam kenal, saya Yulie. Gak bisa bikin kue cuman pengagum ajah :)
What you've been making is a work of art
Sukses yah

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