special lebaran gift

>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

4 medium cupcakes, chocolate or vanilla cheese with buttercream and cookies topper. choose your favorite shape and variant for the cookies.
a pair of lebaran mini cookies [@ 1/4 kg] in a beautiful rotan basket.
garden cookies single @1/2kg, in a beautiful basket.
cookies lebaran serving with stick, i'm sure your little guests will pick more than one! :)
our miracle batik cookies, packed in a square transparent box. a square basket can added to make these cookies more exclusive.

contact us to get these beautiful and personal gifts!

note. pre order : start from today until middle of August 2009. the gift you order will send to the customer approximately 2-1 weeks before Idul Fitri 1430 H


FaRrA DeeN 2:20 PM  

paling suka batik cookies nie... cantik sangat!~ Salam ukhuwah dari saya...

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