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>> Sunday, September 14, 2014

dear Cake miracle's fans,

Sometimes,  I can't believe that it was 8 years already since I wrote all my creations to this blog. And until now, I fully dedicated to make this blog perfect, more and more, also to get the copyright of this brand : Cake miracle.

So, start from May, 2014, I already move all the contents from this blog to the new address blog 
and also, you can visit my web page for the sweet gallery.

I choose the same address for the same brand, i think it can make easier to searching and to remember :) and of course with this blog that u can still visit and searching for old story.

I hope that all of my friends will enjoy and love

see you there ^_^



obat kista alami 8:13 AM  

mantap resepnya :)

Ania 10:54 PM  

Salam kenal! Blongnya keren dan enak;)! Saya lihat bahwa Anda upload banyak foto makanannya. Apa Anda mau mengembangkan blognya lagi?
Kunjungi page kami di: Semuanya gratis, cepat dan tanpa limitasi. Anda bisa upload sebanyak files (audio, video, pdf, jpg, dll.), membuat koleksi berkas dan bagikan dengan lainya. Coba servis kami tanpa registrasi :)

Joni 5:46 PM  

oke kuenya

ace maxs 10:33 AM  

mantap mantap kuenya menuju Tkp :)

vimax aceh 4:01 PM  

Thank you for his article
I can learn a lot and could also be a reference
I wait for an update next article

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